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The Shrine of the Black Madonna

Racially Affirming

Spiritually Uplifting

Culturally Enriching

Intellectually Stimulating

The historic Mother Shrine #1 has been actively engaged in transforming lives across the metro Detroit area for over 65 years. The Shrine of the Black Madonna is a member in good standing of the United Church of Christ (UCC) Detroit Metropolitan Association. Offering relevant outreach ministries, social and political action strategies, cultural and educational programs, are just a small part of our rich legacy of healing wounded souls, and offering the hope of salvation within the community we serve. In the spirit of our late beloved founder, the honorable Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman (Rev. Albert B. Cleage Jr.), and under the leadership of our current Presiding Bishop Menelik Kimathi (Rev. Demonsthene Nelson) we seek to build institutional mechanisms that can address the specific needs of our people, and empower them to become their best selves, in both our struggle for liberation, and in the service of GOD! Much more than just a church, the Shrine is a total institution which works to move our people toward self-determination and self-empowerment, in order to build a Pan African World Community that can exist in greater harmony with divine will and purpose. The Shrine is open to all who desire to become one with Christ, and join the sacred Christian fellowship of communal love and higher communion we offer to those who seek. As a covenant community, we follow the holy teachings and life example of Jesus, the revolutionary Black Messiah.

List of PAOCC Ministry Leaders

Pan African Ministry ~ Bishop Mbiyu Chui
Tree of Love Prison Ministry ~ Bishop Mbiyu Chui
PAOCC Music Ministry ~ Sis. Samiha (Pamela) Wise
PAOCC Usher Board ~ CPL. Kweli (Kenyana) Bolden
Worship Planning Committee ~ FD. Andou (Diane) Allen
Ministerial Fellowship ~ MW. Diallo (William) Brown
PAOCC Youth Ministry ~ Sis. Isoke Nimmons
BCN Warriors ~ Rev. Kehinde Briggs
PAOCC Food Pantry ~ Sis. Tiombe Briggs
Freedom School/Food Warriors ~ Mama Hanifa Adjuman
Holy Order of the Maccabees ~ Col. Ambidwile (Anthony) Carter
Called To Care/Benevolence ~ Rev. Dr. Muthamaki (Gary) Bennett
PAOCC Media Arts Ministry ~ M/R Olabisi (Donte) Singleton

Women of Nia ~ Sis. Angela (Aida) McCarroll

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