Prison Ministry

Bishop Mbiyu Chui
Pastor, Shrine of the Black Madonna #1
700 Seward St. Detroit, MI. 48202
Phone: (313) 580-6013

Reaching out to our extended community behind the walls!

The Tree of Love Prison Ministry is here to help the families and children of those who are incarcerated. We do this through a number of different programs and services. We strive to provide assistance to all family members, regardless of age, and many of our programs are designed to help young children and teens deal with the struggles and challenges that come with having a parent in the prison system.

Child of the Month Club
The Child of the Month Club offers both children and incarcerated parents an opportunity to support each other. Inmates organize various projects for the children throughout the year. This gives the children fun activities and reminds them that their parents love them no matter where they are. For the inmates, this allows them to know they’re connecting with children in need and are giving back to their community. The Child of the Month Club is funded through various community outreach efforts and fundraising activities throughout the year.

Youth Deterrent Program
Our Youth Deterrent Program is aimed at older children and teens. Those who grow up with a parent in the prison system may act out or be tempted to engage in illegal activities themselves as a way of expressing their emotions. This program brings those children to the Detroit Re-Entry Center once a month on a Friday to meet with selected inmates. Rather than trying to scare these children into acting right, this program is based on a “cared-straight” model. Anyone between 12 and 18 is welcome to attend and learn about community resources that will help them excel in school and life.

Leadership Development Training
Our Leadership Development Training program is offered to inmates across the state on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. This program offers inmates spiritual guidance and counseling that focuses on helping them develop leadership skills and find their purpose in life.

Tree of Love Book Ministry
Our book ministry provides books, textbooks, and other reading materials to inmates across the state. These books assist inmates in pursuing their academic and educational goals in order to prepare them to re-enter society.

Tree of Love Pen Pals
Members of the Tree of Love Prison Ministry write letters to inmates on a regular basis. These letters encourage inmates and remind them that they are still a part of a community. The support and love provided through these letters helps inmates find themselves and prepare to become full members of the community once again.

Tree of Love Aftercare
The Aftercare program assists those who have served their time reconnect with their community and their life outside of the prison system. We have partnered with a number of different programs and businesses, including Greenworks, Goodwill, Flip The Script, Adult Life Launch, Educational Recovery

Michigan Department of Corrections Volunteers
The Michigan Department of Corrections is always seeking community volunteers to assist with programs, meetings, and religious services. These volunteers work at one of several facilities (Detroit Re-entry Center, Macomb CF, Muskegon CF, E.C. Brooks CF, and Ionia CF).

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