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Wayne County, MI – Covid Pandemic Updates January 10, 2022

Wayne County Department of 

Health, Human & Veterans Services 

Public Health Division 


 Prepared by: Wayne County Emergency Preparedness 


COVID-19 Outbreak 

COVID-19 Briefing – 290.1 

January 10, 2022 



308,136,544 Cases 

5,507,540 Deaths 

United States 

61,263,030 Cases 

859,356 Deaths 


1,855,658 Cases 

29,955 Deaths 

Out-Wayne County 

203,019 Cases 

3,686 Deaths 


Situational Awareness 

 People with high levels of T cells from common colds are less likely to catch COVID, according to a new peer-reviewed study. Researchers said the findings could help provide the blueprint for the production of new vaccines which give longer-lasting immunity and would protect against current and future coronavirus variants such as Omicron and Delta. Imperial College London researchers say the high levels of T cells and the role in fighting COVID is an “important discovery” – but warned “no one should rely on this alone” and insisted people should still get vaccinated as the “best way” to protect against COVID. T cells are a type of white blood cell that help protect the body from infection. While this is an important discovery, it is only one form of protection, and subsequently no one should rely on this alone. The best way to be protected against COVID-19 is to be fully vaccinated, including getting booster doses. 

 It took more than a year for the world to record the first 100 million coronavirus cases, and half that time to tally the next 100 million. The third 100 million came even faster, in barely five months, as large segments of countries, rich and poor alike, remain unvaccinated and a fast-spreading new variant has proved able to infect even those who are. Case counts, though imperfect, have been a key barometer throughout the pandemic, a benchmark not only for governments implementing mitigation measures but also for people trying to discern the threat in their own communities. Yet surpassing 300 million known cases, a growing number of experts argue that it is time to stop focusing on case numbers. So far, the new Omicron variant appears to produce severe illness in fewer people than previous versions of the virus did, and research indicates that Covid vaccines still offer protection against the worst outcomes. And though cases are rising faster than ever. Hospitalizations and deaths from Covid are increasing more slowly. But experts do worry that the sheer number of possible cases may still burden health care systems already strained by previous waves of infection. 

 Faced with the extraordinarily contagious Omicron variant, Israel has begun offering fourth doses to some high-risk groups. On Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expanded eligibility for boosters to adolescents and backed away from describing anyone as “fully vaccinated” because two shots no longer seem adequate. Instead, one’s vaccination status will now be “up to date” — or not. It’s no surprise that many Americans are wondering: Where does this end? For starters, persuading people to line up for shots every few months is probably a losing proposition. Just as important, there are no data to support the effectiveness of a fourth dose of the current vaccines. Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson have all said that they are testing vaccines targeting Omicron that may become available in a few months. 

Actions Taken 

 The Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PHOC) is at FULL ACTIVATION. 

Useful Resources 

Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990 

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224 



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Wayne County Department of 

Health, Human & Veterans Services 

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Prepared by: Wayne County Emergency Preparedness