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The Male Engagement Now (M.E.N.) – Sacred Conversations With Our Sons

M.E.N. the Male Engagement Now group is sponsoring a series of Conversations with our sons and brothers.  The program consists of discussion, spectrogram exercises, Q & A, video and role plays.  It will include topics related to: diversity and inclusion, sexual harassment, disclosures and issues related to rape culture and victim blaming that keeps victims silent and perpetrators unaccountable.  The workshops will be held, every 3rd Thursday at 7:00 p.m  right here at the Mother Shrine.  The moderators for this session are: our own R.J. Page & Omari Barksdale from the SASHA Center (Sexual Assault Center for Holistic Healing and Awareness).  These sessions are directed toward those who live and/or identify as men in their everyday lives, although no one will be excluded from attending.  

Final Meeting: October 17th