Advent Season

Advent Holy Season 2019

from the desk of Pastor Bishop Mbiyu Chui


During the Advent/Holy Season, we seek to take advantage of the activity of the Holy Spirit, by focusing and channeling our energies and attention toward strengthening the bonds of communalism among our church members and the larger community beyond our walls. Advent has historically been a time of heightened spiritual activity, where many miracles have occurred and many blessings received among those who truly uphold the covenant faith. It is also a time of faith renewal, as our mission calls us further into the work of building a Pan African World Community with power. It is an opportunity for us to grow our sacred circle to include others who may have been on the periphery, and who only need a little nudge to become more determined in their faith journey. Our spiritual experiences have taught us that there is no better way to strengthen ones faith, than by engagement in both work and fellowship. Therefore, we encourage all of our group members, general members, visitors and friends to join us during the Advent Season to find/expect a miracle and/or blessing designed just for YOU!


Our shared goals and objectives for the Advent Season include:

1) Increasing attendance at all church related events

2) Encouraging members to get involved in the Advent Season

3) Providing opportunities for faith building/healing/miracles

4) Highlighting the core values represented during Advent (faith, hope,
love and incarnation)

5) Inviting visitors, family and friends into our sacred circle

6) Increased Stewardship on the part of all members (money, time, work, evangelism)

7) Raise consciousness of the primacy of the Quad Centennial Year

8) Fellowship, fellowship, fellowship!!!