Detroit Independent Freedom School

The PAOCC is one of four host sites of the Detroit Independent Freedom Schools Movement.
The mission of the Detroit Independent Freedom Schools Movement is to create free, African-centered, loving educational experiences for Detroit children and families by mobilizing community volunteers and resources to cultivate community strength, self-determination, and build movement-based futures.
Youth ages five to sixteen are engaged in fun, stimulating, thought provoking learning experiences each Saturday from 10:00am until 2:00pm.
Saturday programming begins with the Food Warriors Youth Development Program, an urban agriculture, health and nutrition education program sponsored by the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network. In the Food Warriors Program the children learn how to plant, grow, and harvest crops. They learn healthy food preparation with hands-on cooking classes and food demonstrations. Traditional foods and African culture are another important component of the program where the children learn the importance of food and culture through the study of traditional African harvest festivals. Basic herbalism and plant identification with an emphasis on the plant’s therapeutic attributes are also explored in the program.
The Shrine has been a site for the Food Warriors Program since the fall of 2014, beginning with a small garden at the National Training Center and later relocating to the present church location in the spring of 2016. The Food Warriors program is now an integral part of the Saturday Freedom School.
On the second Saturday of each month after Food Warriors, youth are immersed in hands on science exploration. The Second Saturday Super Science Program or 4SP—pronounced fosp—exposes the children to two hours of STEAM related hands on activities. Topics of investigation thus far have included force and motion, soil science, circuits, and Newtonian and non-Newtonian substances, aka-slime!
The fourth Saturday of the month youth participate in fun and engaging workshops led by church members as well as community partners willing to share their gifts and talents. Graphic arts, storytelling, screen printing, nutrition, and nature exploration are a sampling of the 4th Saturday activities.
Freedom School also provides academic tutoring in core subjects for all grade levels along with Reading Mastery for grades K-3.
If you have a young person you would like to participate in either Freedom School, Food Warriors or both, contact Mama Hanifa Adjuman at 313-622-3806 for more information or visit

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